Second life hunts and freebies

cheat sheets for my fellow sl freebie hunters..

Mr.Hunter Hunt v.ii May 8, 2012

The Mr.Hunter Hunt v.ii  is another great May hunt. It lasts from May 1 thru May 30. Not a huge hunt, but the items found are great! This hunt is specifically geared for the men out there, but the ladies can certainly find and use most of these items as well!  If you get stumped, there is a helpful group and also a blog filled with hints to help you on your way.

1. Lashwear:
2. Rispetto Designs:
3. Peer style:
4. Graffittiwear:

5. Hellbop clothing:
6. Elemental earth designs:
7. Fe :

8. Ais Ink Tattoo:
9. LNL Villa:
11. Peer Jewelry:

12. Ultimate shapes:
14. Animations rising:
15. Birth:
16. Reila Skins:

17. Shiva:
18. Kennedy’s:
19. Grumble:

23. Avatar Bizarre:
25. Loordes of London:
26. Anatomy:
27. Vero Medero:

28. Aidoru:
29. shiki:
30. Sour Pickles:

31. Verseeye:
32. Rams Tattoo:
34. MAngo:

35. Energie:
36. Rotten Defiance:
37. New yorks finest apparel:
38. Evaki Boutique:


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